Confirm Navigation Pop Up in Chrome

  • Answered
Somehow I'm getting a "Confirm Navigation" pop up on my site any time a link is clicked in google chrome. It pops up with the following message:
Your profile has unsaved changes. If you leave the page, the changes will be lost.
Are you sure you want to leave this page?
and there are two buttons: "Leave this Page" and "Stay on this Page"
does anyone know what is causing this and how to stop it? Thank you.

Sorry to hear you are getting a strange popup on your site. Normally this type of popup comes when you are visiting a page and make some changes that have not yet been saved. When you try to leave the page it pops up to let you know you will lose these changes if you continue. It is not an error, but a safety popup. This may help you in diagnosing why it comes up.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M