Technical Support About Mailbox location

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I really Thanks for Your answers sir But i am not much clear If suppose mistakenly the mailbox location change By any administrator from mail server
example User1 mailbox location var/mail/user1 in the local delivery agent is saved. By mistaken by any of the administrator if he change and save the location from var/mail/user1 to var/mail/user2 then the mail will automatically deliver in user2 mailbox is it possible.

Is there any thing that define the user name with the mail location suppose user1 and location var/mail/user1
user name is user1 and in mail location there is user1 so is there any combination between this two names
or user name can be different and in the mail location user name can be different will i work

I will Be really thanks to you for your answers

Thanks again for the question about your concerns for the mail folder locations. Mail Administrators do NOT have access to that location. If they do have access, they should not be moving files in that location, anyway. The software responsible for your email handles all of the file transactions in that area - you, or other administrators would not see or interact with those folders on the server. The folders for mail are all identified by the email account names.

However, I stress again that you as an administrator would be the ONLY person to have access to that location, and then only through FTP or cPanel's File Manager interface. Other users would normally have no access and have no way to manipulate those folders and files for the mail server.

I hope this clears up this question. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.