Moving to Office 365 from MS SBS Exchange Server

  • Answered
To start with, this is more of a general question.
We are moving our whole operation to Office 365.
We have a domain and website through you. I assume that nothing will change in this regard.
We have an MS Small Business Server (SBS) with Exchange Server (ES). All of our email comes through the ES using our domain. I assume that moving our email operation to Office 365 is fairly straightforward, but moving past documents, email, contacts, calendar, tasks, etc. may be difficult.
Please confirm the above.
Also, does anyone know of a package that makes the transfer of past documents, email, etc. from and SBS/ES to Office 365 relatively fast and painless? We don't want to spend days of downtime and frustration doing this.
Hello Beal Business Law, Thanks for the question about the transfer from MS SMall Busness Server to Exchange server. In all honesty, the change should have nothing to do with the website and domain. You will need to specify the settings in the server, but beyond that these servers are not being managed with InMotion Hosting. We do not use Exchange servers here. Microsoft provides a deployment document that you can use to reference the steps for the move. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.