Website Migration to SSL Not Working

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Migration to SSL has not worked. Site has not been loading images in Chrome or Firefox but in Safari. Support team tried to fix but website now no longer looks like it did originally. Have had many different answers each time I call or email. Also am using Cloud Flare. Turned off SSL at Cloud Flare and have asked InMotion to do the same. How do I restore site to the way it originally looked and functioned. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I have done everything asked of me but this process has not worked well. Advice level should be basic as I am a sports writer and not a webmaster. Site is
This is cause by WordPress not sending it's files through https, which is causing the browsers to believe that its not secure. The users have two options to fix this, so do you too:

Option 1:
There is a Shield icon on your chrome browser in the address bar, click it to allow unsafe scripts (generally meaning that all http content will be allowed). The same would be applied to firefox.

Option 2:
WordPress is configured to allow https access through only the backend as an option for security(e-commerce plugins will automaticall fix resource issues with https since they are integrated with the option to allow https/http resources for secure purchases).

I took the time to find some suitable plugins for you to look at to fix the content issue:

I would help you set them up, but that kind of support is out of my hands, i will however guide you through it as much as i can.
Overall though, your original site is not affected by this you can access it through the normal http protocol.

If you have any questions, just ask.

- Christian McQuilkin, WordPress Themer
Hello, Thanks for your question about website migration to SSL not working. As I have no idea what your site looked like before, I am unable to give specific advice on what to do. I see the site appearing as a normal WordPress site and all images seem to be working fine for the posts I tested. The only thing I can think of is to check your plugins and see if you have any that were previously disabled. Enabling them again will cause them to function and may return your site to what it was previously. Kindest Regards, Scott M