Hello alwayzturntup, and thanks for your question. If you are having issues accessing cPanel or webmail, this is more than likely due to the location you're at blocking the necessary ports that these services use:
ServiceStandard portSecure portProxy subdomain
I wrote an article on how to bypass firewalls with cPanel proxy subdomains that goes over how you should still be able to access these services using special cPanel subdomains, which use the standard port 80 that normal website traffic goes over. So if you can get to this page, you should be able to get to those services. So just give these URLs a shot and see if you're still having issues: cpanel.alwayzturntup.com webmail.alwayzturntup.com Alternatively, you should be able to open the ports mentioned above in your firewall, and that should allow the /cpanel, and /webmail URLs to also function. Please let us know if you're still having any issues at all. - Jacob