can I rename my website?

  • Answered
I have an existing site and I would like to rename it. is there a way to do this. Furthermore, is there a way to keep my existing email address? my current website is i dont want to lose my email address
Hello pdace1, If the site is your primary domain name, then you typically need to reply to the email for changing a primary domain name (I can send that form to you if you have an account - I'll look for it after this reply). If you want to keep the domain, and use it for email, you will need to make it into an ADD-ON domain or parked domain. Changing the primary domain automatically changes ALL of the email addresses, so if you're trying to keep a specific email address (or addresses) you will need to rebuild them after the change. Here's an article that will help to explain the process: How do I change the main domain name on my account? If you're trying to change an add-on domain, it's just a matter of changing the domain name in add-on domains section. Special consideration for the domain name used should be noted because if you have any links or other website paths that use your OLD website name, then you may need to manual make that change. If you have any further questions, please contact technical support available 24/7. Regards, Arnel C.