How to create image gallery/registration/eshop as sub menu in web site builder?

  • Answered
I use Premium Web Builder for my web site. How do I create sub menu for image gallery/registration/eshop using web site builder? I can create main menu for these. However I want these inside a main menu. Do I need to migrate to Joomla or Drupal? If so, do I need to start all over again?
Thanks in advance for the support!
Thank you for your question FitnJab! Unfortunately, the Premium Web Builder does not have the interface to set up that type of menu. Joomla or Drupal both do have this capability. To implement one of those you would have to start the website over again. Sorry for this. You can install Joomla and Drupal free through softaculous. Please see the following link on this. How to install programs using Softaculous We also have education channels on Joomla and Drupal as well. Joomla Drupal Best Regards, James R