OpenCart Ghost Image.

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I have not been able to solve an anomaly that is taking place on my Open Cart Website.

Please go to:

Home>dog beds>pillow Beds.

You will notice in front of the first pet bed product image, a ghost image of an HP Laptop. That just started. I deleted all of the manufacturers, uninstalled the Carousel Module, and deleted the products from the original Open Cart.

Again, please note that this just popped up out of the blue after I added the third pet product.

Please advise.

Also note that I tried different browsers and get the same ghost image.
Hello simonbk, and thank you for your question. It looks like the HP image that you're speaking about is actually a banner, and not just a product. This is one of the default banners that comes with OpenCart. In order to remove this I believe you should be able to do so following these steps:
  1. Login to OpenCart admin dashboard
  2. Hover over the System drop-down at the top, then expand Design, and click on Banners
  3. Now if you wanted to completely remove these, you can place a check-mark beside HP Products, then click on Delete
  4. Alternatively to disable these banners, you can click on Edit beside HP Products
  5. Then from the Status drop-down, you can choose Disabled
  6. Finally, click on Save at the top-right
I hope that information was helpful, if you're still having any problems getting the images removed, please let us know. - Jacob
Hello simonbk,

The image shows on all category pages. In looking at the source code for the page, it is set as a banner. You will want to go into the admin area and ensure that no extra banners are still present.

Also noted, if you select the first dogbed and open up its individual page, you will see a carousel for that product that still includes all the demo product images. It appears they are still in your store, or at least the images are.

Removing the extra banner and ensuring all the default images are removed should help remove these extra images.

Best Regards,
Scott M