What is most eficient way to convert my existing websit to Joomla? Should I set up a subdomain and use existing mysql tables?

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I have an Inmotion hosted domain (audrie.com)and want to re-create it in joomla. Do I need a full new domain and hosting account or can I do all my joomla creation and testing with a subdomain of my current web site? Can I use my current InMotion MYSQL databases for Joomla testing?
Hello farrx77, and thanks for the question. If you'd like to try out Joomla we would recommend installing it in a sub-folder of your main site, using a fresh database. You can even take advantage of Softaculous to make the install even easier than normal. We have instructions on how to install an application using the Softaculous installer below: How to install software using Softaculous Typically depending on the application you're migrating from a manual transfer of your content by creating new content from within the Joomla administrator might be the way to go. This is actually touched on in the official Joomla documentation here: Converting an existing website to a Joomla! website It seems from taking a look around your website that you have primarily static HTML files. Are you currently using any wide-known applications to manage the data in your MySQL databases, or are you just using that data with some custom written PHP scripts that you have? Unfortunately the task of simply importing your current database data into Joomla might not be able to be automated. Joomla has several database migration extensions, but from what I can see most of them are for taking a WordPress or Drupal or other major CMS's database structure, or an older version of Joomla to your new Joomla site. You can take a look at the ones I was seeing here on Joomla's extension site: Joomla Extensions - Migration and conversion of data Hopefully this would be enough information to get you headed in the right direction. It's sounding like you might need to just do a clean install of Joomla to test things out and manually import over your data. Please let us know if you have any further questions at all. - Jacob