why i can´t see my webpage

  • Answered
my site is www.coelgioagazzi.edu.mx
my account is www.teciver.com
Hi ingroberto, When I visit www.coelgioagazzi.edu.mx, I receive the following error message:
Firefox can't find the server at www.coelgioagazzi.edu.mx.
When websites are not loading, there are numerous items that need to be reviewed, ranging from DNS to Server related configurations. If we were to start off from the beginning, it would be to ensure the domain name has been registered. I used an online whois lookup tool to check, and it appears that coelgioagazzi.edu.mx is not a registered domain. You'll want to ensure that the domain name is registered. If you also just registered the domain, you'll want to allow for at least 24 hours before the domain name if fully active. Also, in order for a website to load, a few steps will have to have been done:
  1. The domain has to be registered
  2. The domain must be pointing to our nameservers
  3. The domain must be configured within your cPanel
You can find more information on these three steps in our article entitled: How can I add another domain name to my account? I hope this helps answer your question. Feel free to post a comment (at the bottom of this page) if we can assist any further. Thanks! - Brad