Authenticating with SSH - unable to clone my repository

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I have a website I'd like to work on - I wish to use Git and SSH to make the workflow easier. 

I imported existing SSH keys I use (with Github) using the InMotion guide.  These appear, both names as 'ida.dsa' in my 'Manage Keys' area (not rsa and as they are locally). 

When I try and clone my repository, I receive the following error (anonymized here for):

git clone ssh://<namespace<@<>/home/<namespace>/cprepo
Cloning into 'cprepo'...
ssh: connect to host <host> port 22: Operation timed out
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

So the message is pretty clear but I can't tell if it can't authenticate due to keys issue or whether I need to SSH in with root access first.  I can't find how to get root access despite following the InMotion guide - I can't seem to find an option for 'Get Root Access' in AMP

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  1. Ensure you have the right guide. You shared the shared hosting guide. Only VPS hosting plans have root access.
  2. Ensure your local network has port 22 open.
  3. Have you tried using the server IP instead of the domain?