Directory Privacy no longer working - InMotion support no help!

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For years I have been using Directory Privacy successfully. Sometime ago (4-6 months) it stopped working.

I use Directory Privacy to password protect directories in which I place staging websites. It's obviously important that search spiders can't crawl these staging sites, and that's where password protection comes in.

Now when I attempt to view one of the staging sites I type

the domain and sub-directory into the browser bar, but instead of

getting the prompt for the username and password I get "File not found".

This is a real problem since I like to perform major site upgrades on staging sites before I attempt it on production sites.

I have repeatedly raised this issue with InMotion support. More than two weeks have passed since I opened this support request. I'm told the issue has been escalated to advanced support, but I never hear from them. When I call back to inquire about my support ticket, they say it’s with advanced support and there is no word on when I can expect a solution.

Needless to say, I’m frustrated. I sent an email to the manager of support feedback four days ago, but I haven’t even had a reply acknowledging my email. I find this both disrespectful and insulting.


Since I was getting nowhere with InMotion support, I sent a support request to cPanel, and within 3 hours they provided the solution. I'm including the solution for anyone else who finds themselves facing this issue.

"This behavior is an artifact of how Apache handles rewrite rules with common software such as WordPress. The rewrite is attempting to handle the login error but cannot, so it shows unexpected output. This is easily corrected with a small change to the .htaccess. Adding ErrorDocument 401 /401.html and creating the 401.html file will allow the login popup to show correctly."

Wow, that's what I call support. Listen up InMotion!


Thank you for your feedback 

Stormy Scott
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Chris M
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Thank you for your feedback.  I regret that you had a poor experience.  I have passed your comments along to the support team.