Email configuration for POP3 client

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I am in the process of changing from an external email provider, USA.NET, to email hosted with my plan at “InMotion”. I have configured my email client, Outlook 2010 using pop3, and so far so good; except…

I have been using USA.NET for over ten years and when I send/receive mail via my desktop Outlook 2010 client, new email in my “server” inbox is moved to the server trash folder when the pop3 client sends/receives mail. The mail stays in the trash for a defined number of days, default 14 days for the trash. This is convenient if I want to look at mail from an IMAP or web client on my phone, etc.

I have looked high and low and don’t seem to be able to configure this for the InMotion hosted mail server. I can tell Outlook to leave the mail on the server but then it stays in the inbox.

Is there a setting I can’t find or some way I can do this?

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Hello RC,

Thank you for your question on POP3 configuration. By design default, POP3 configuration will remove the email from the server, deleting it or trashing it depending on server configuration (ours deletes it) and bring it to the client. IMAP leaves the email on the server as the client simply reflects what is on the server.

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Scott M