Some Gmail messages won't download

  • Answered
I'm running Windows 7 with Outlook 2010.
Today a techie friend spent several hours setting up a second client for me.
After muddling through several unsuccessful attempts he finally got it to work whereby I am able to send messages from either of my two clients and receive as well.
However, the sticking point is that Gmail will not download certain messages addressed to the new second client. I can see them on the server, open and read them on the server and forward them to my client from the server, BUT THEY WON'T DOWNLOAD to my Outlook 2010 inbox.
I've read a bunch of solutions on various forums, but all are highly technical. I suspect that the problem an solution lie within the settings--either the settings available on the Gmail server or those on my Outlook 2010, including what they call "The Rules."
If someone knows the solution to this problem, would you be so kind to spell out for me where these different settings are located and how an amateur like myself can access them.
You know, a step-by-step for dummies.
I would be very grateful.
Rob in Arizona
Hello rob1552, Thank you for your question regarding Outlook 2010. I did some searching and found a post on Microsoft's support forums that may be helpful to your situation. If this does not fix your email client problem please let us know but there is very little we can do seeing how its an issue between your client and Gmail. Best Regards, TJ Edens