Sending/receiving emails during website/domain transfer

  • Answered
I want to transfer a website/domain to our inmotion account so we manage everything related to it (domain, hosting, website, email, etc.) I was advised by your technical team that it takes only takes 4-24 hrs to point the domain. So although the actual process of transferring takes longer (from initiating the transfer to the actual completion), any "downtime" would only be while pointing the domain, therefore only 4-24 hours. So we should expect that we won't be able to send and receive mail for just that time, 4-24 hours, and not more than that. Could you confirm that? Also, could you also confirm what I read here, that during propagation there will not be any downtime for website access specifically, since users would either be going to the old host or us depending on how long their DNS takes to propagate, so the website would still be "live". I have a client bent on knowing that his emails won't be out for one week if he makes this transfer. What options do you recommend so that emails can still be accessed during the down time?
Hello, Thank you for your question on downtime during a transfer or propagation of pointing the domain nameservers. There is actually no downtime at all for either. When pointing the domain name to new nameservers, the 4-24 hour propagation time is to allow different DNS servers across the world to update. Any that have the old nameservers listed will still show content or send emails to the old server. Any with the new information will send emails or get content from your new server. This is why it is important to have the new one set up before you point to the new nameservers. You will want to check emails on the old server as well during that time in case any should be delivered. As for the actual transfer from one registrar to another, the domain continues to exist and act in its current state during the transfer. It is not turned off or anything during that time. Kindest Regards, Scott M