OpenCart email no order confirmations and contact form not working

  • Answered
My OpenCart store is not sending order confirmations and the Contact Form is not sending emails to the store owner. I have tried using the regular MAIL in the store mail settings and also SMTP.
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your OpenCart sending emails. This is normally a configuration issue with php.ini. If you have a custom php.ini and did not use a modified copy of the server default, then there could be missing settings. Also, you will want to ensure your php.ini file is set to be recursive for that site. I did try to take a look, but there are many sites on your account so I do not know which site you are having errors with specifically. My suggestion is to use SMTP on port 587 (instead of 25) and to have a php.ini file for each site based off the server default. Once you have a copy of the server default in your site, you can change any of the settings you like. Live Support can get you the copies of the php.ini wherever you want them and then can go over the logs with you and work with account-specific details. Kindest Regards, Scott M