Issues with webpage (Possibly html5)

  • Answered
I'm having issues with a webpage of mine the player seems to play when you click the first song but when you click on the next song its still playing the first song and even the control at the bottom has issues. Please someone help me fix this playing issue on firefox and chrome. Thanks.
Hello Kayskeem,

Thank you for your question on your html5 player. This seems to be an issue likely with coding or browser compatibility. When using my mobile device, the Next buttons work in that they move to another song. On my Note 4 it did not move to the next song, but seemed to move about halfway down the list. When pressing that button again it moved to the end of the list. The 'Previous' button did not seem to work on my Note 4. With Chrome, Firefox, Torch, and SeaMonkey browsers, the music would play for any of the items I clicked on when first coming to the site, but the 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons did not work. The SeaMonkey browser would play any song I clicked on without having to refresh, but it would not turn off the other song, so if I clicked on all the songs, they were all playing at once.

You may want to see if there is other music player code out there and experiment with different ones to see if they behave differently. This particular one does not seem to be quite finished.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M