Confused About Emails Remaining on Server

  • Answered
In looking for workarounds for my inability to access Webmail (which I finally found), I saw that multiple emails, unintelligible of course since they have not been massaged by email software, remain in various Junk and Trash cur folders under my different email addresses. I am not using Spam Assassin so it surprises me that anything would build up in the Junk folders and as for the Trash folders, why aren't they deleted as I have the setting in Outlook. (I've been emptying them regularly because I see no point to leaving them on the inmotion server.
I have my Outlook set to remove messages when I empty my Deleted Items Folder (on my computer). Why then do multiple messages after I have downloaded them to my PC remain on the inmotion server?
Do I have to go in regularly through File Manager and delete them or are they automatically scrubbed on some regualr schedule. Or should I uncheck the Leave on Server setting completely?
Hello Whodunit, Thanks for your question about your email. If your email is remaining on the server and you're using POP3 for the protocol, then if you have rules to move email, everytime you connect to the server, it would download it again and get moved again. I would highly suggest that you use the IMAP protocol for your email - especially if you have multiple folders. If you need help with getting your IMAP settings, please review finding my email settings. If you uncheck the 'leave on server" setting, then your emails will only be able on one system if you're using POP3. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.