Outlook 2003 email downloads

  • Answered
I just up-graded a computer to windows 7 but keep the outlook 2003. When I reloaded the email client and set up the account it downloaded all the emails on the server as expected, however now every time I hit send and receive it downloads ever email again, how do I stop this?

Hello, Sorry to hear that your Outlook 2003 email client is downloading all of your emails on the server repeatedly. I would suggest using the IMAP email settings if you're having that problem. Otherwise, it may some obscure setting in Outlook - it's not something we can control. If you're using POP3 mail settings (it's either IMAP or POP), then you may need to select the setting to save mail on server. If you need help finding the settings for either protocol, please check out How to find my email settings. The email server will not control how Outlook 2003 is behaving. It's possible that since it is an older email client, you may need to either update it or use a more updated version of the email client. You should seek more assistance with Microsoft if you continue to have issues with this problem. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.