recent problems receiving emails into Microsoft Outlook 2007

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For the past ten days or so when I log into outlook it says it is receiving 100 plus messages, then it takes ages to "receive" them but most of them are not emails and therefore don't come through, even though it still says it is receiving them.
If I log onto my talktalk webmail they are all there no problem (not a 100 plus of them though - maybe 40 or 50).
It is extremely frustrating and they take well over an hour to be "received", I end up shutting everything down and restarting it to try and clear them, but this gets rather tedious.
Just spent over 30 minutes with the talktalk help people but there end is working fine and they don't obviously offer support for Microsoft products.
My settings are POP3 - but she got me to set up an IMAP account, which is fine but I don't want to lose the history of emails on my POP3 account.

Any help gratefully received

Hello Michael,

Sorry to hear about your Outlook issue. Unfortunately, with Outlook, the most help we can give with non-customers is settings. As long as your settings are correct, next we would check the server itself. If everything looks OK there, then the issue would be within Outlook itself. Unfortunately, we are unable to test client side programs since they are on your local machine.

I checked and am not able to discern any setting that may be causing the issue. If you can create a separate IMAP on the Outlook and keep your old POP for history, I would go with that and simply use the IMAP moving forward.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M