Spam Assassin says Filtering did not set up a significant delivery.

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I am trying to set up spam assassin to limit the amount of junk email I receive. I receive A LOT. I turned SpamAssassin on, configured it with a "5" setting, and I tried having the "Spam Box" set to on for a number of test and off for a number of test. I set up a filter using the hints at the bottom of the Filter Rule creation screen. So I set up a filter with the parameters: "Spam Status" and "begins with," then entered "Yes" in the box; the Action was: "Deliver to Folder" and I choose my Junk Folder. I later added another rule with the parameters: "Spam Bar" and "contains," then entered "+++++" in the box as a second rule. With the same action. I sent several test email using 6-9 common words that trigger spam filters and I received the results: Filtering did not set up a significant delivery. Normal delivery will occur. Did I not configure something correctly? I am using Outlook 2013.

Just to test it out, have you tried using spam score instead of spam bar and setting it to 5 which would be equivalent to your posted filter. Try that and let us know if it works.

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TJ Edens