Floating Footer on one Page

  • Answered
On one of the pages on my website, www.lhcmi.org, the footer appears to just float in the middle of the page. The code for that footer is the exact same as every other page on my site, and it even prints at the bottom of the page, but when you view it in a browser, it shows up in the middle. Does anybody have any idea of what could cause this and any solutions? The webpage in question is http://www.lhcmi.org/boardofdirectors.html. Thank you so much for any help - I am a complete novice and just wanted to update the board of directors.
Hello, I took a look at the code and without being able to test it line by line, could not see anything that jumped out at me that would be cause the issue. My guess is that there is something missing on that particular page, possibly a closing div tag somewhere on the page. The code for the footer is the same, so it would be something higher up in the page code. Sometimes small issues like this are difficult to see and require going line by line to find the mistake. I took a further look and that particular page is affected by the table area, though I am unable to pinpoint the exact cause. Commenting out the table causes the footer to display correctly. That helps narrow it just a bit further for you. Kindest Regards, Scott M