Flash website supporting on server

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Hello ,
My question is if the server (where i'm hosted) can support the flash website :) i work with Magix Website maker and it offers me also this possibility to create a flash website than a normal :)

Special Thanks for reading and answering (if it's possible) to the question....and by the way : as detailed and with example you give as much i can understand and gives me the possibility to make the precisely choice :)
Hello Gerry,

Our servers just serve flash files, but it is the visitors browser that will play it for them. As long as you have a program to make the flash files, you can use them within your website. Offhand I do not know of any flash sites being served from our servers that I can give as an example. Flash is, however, falling out of favor in light of newer technology such as HTML5. Also, content such as text within flash files cannot be seen or indexed by search engines such as Google. Lastly, flash is not supported by some mobile devices, so this may influence your decision to use it for your site.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M