Trouble receiving our own email newsletters with VerticalResponse

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We use VerticalResponse as our email service provider, and send our newsletter out through them.

We cannot receive any of our own newsletters sent from the VerticalResponse server at any of our email accounts here.

I've pasted below the email from support at VerticalResponse responding to our request for help from them:

Sometimes your email delivery can be affected by "blacklists," which are

lists of IP addresses of known spammers or servers that could be a potential

spam threat. If an IP address is on the list, the email may have difficulty

being delivered to your recipients. We recommend contacting your IT person

or email admin to whitelist us.

You can pass this along to your IT Department or Email Admin and they should

be able to adjust your filters to allow emails from our VR domains and IP

Ranges to pass through.

VerticalResponse Domains:

From domain -

Bounce domain -

VerticalResponse IP ranges:

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Frankie Siino


Hello Frankie, We do not blacklist any IPs on our own. We use SpamHaus and SpamCop blacklisting services. If any of the IPs are on those lists, they will need to be submitted for removal by the VerticalResponse folks as we have nothing to do with those lists or services. However, if the IPs have not been reported for spam, they should not be on there. You may want to contact our Live Support team and have them check for any specific emails you were supposed to receive. If they were kicked back for any reason there will be a record of it in our mail log along with any error message. Kindest Regards, Scott M