Regular pricing for HUB hosting?

  • Answered
What is the regular price for HUB hosting?
the fee for hosting says 3.99 after the promotional pricing (1.95) if signed up for 2 or 3 year packages. But one year hosting is non-promotion price. So does that mean your regular price is 3.99/month?
Hello, Thanks for the question. However, you are on the incorrect site for that information. We provide support on this Support Center for InMotion Hosting questions. You can reach sales and support for HUB through email/phone/chat, or you can go to their website for more information: Web Hosting Hub. Sales would be the best team to talk with as they can give you the specific discounts and pricing for which you are inquiring. Typical introductory rates are annual, and then the normal rates (the ones crossed out) do apply. Again, though, for more specific details on rates and any special pricing, please contact the sales department. Kindest regards, Arnel C.