Email spoofing; emails not coming through

  • Answered
I am using WordPress and added a contact form. I just found out I have been losing out on a lot of business. I've noticed that several of my potential clients have tried to contact me through my embedded contact form. Despite the email address being correct I was not receiving any email notification. I've contacted wordpress and they mentioned this could be a "spoofing" issue coming from inMotion? Any help? My Website is
Hello, Thanks for your question, and sorry for the problem with getting form working. I was able to login to your Wordpress site to look at how you were setting up your form. Unfortunately, when I did look at your site, I found NO form setup. I did see a blank field for signing up for updates, but I found no form that would allow email to be sent back to you. I noticed that your blog had several references to an email - but that's just a link to email - not a form. I also noticed a plugin called Contact Form 7 - but it was not activated. If you are using this plugin, make sure that you are using the SMTP settings for email. I also double-checked to see if there were any emails on the hosted account, and you have none setup. So, if you are having problems with an email that was supposed to come into InMotion's servers, there would need to be a corresponding email address set up in the cpanel. If you require assistance with creating an email address, please see Creating an Email Account. I hope that helps to clear up the issue. If you wish to continue reviewing the issue, please make sure that you're using the correct settings for email. Thanks for you patience! Regards, Arnel