How Do I Fix Error When Using Custom Template in Joomla (3.3.3)?

  • Answered
I have downloaded Joomla 3.3.3 from and i installed joomla in my WAMP server. I have created a custom template using bootsrap and which is installed in joomla using Extension Manager.Everything is working fine , i can able to see my home page. But when i click on About us page it showing that
The requested URL /projects/ashmaytech/about-us.php was not found on this server.
Please any one help me
Hello T.Ragith, That error simply means that the path it is looking for is not found. Be sure to check the full path. Also, be sure to check the path for leading slashes such as /projects vs projects. This can sometimes cause an otherwise correct path to read incorrectly. The leading slash tells the server to start looking at the root directory for the site. If one is using a domain name, whose root is htdocs or public_html, this is not a problem. If someone is using a temp url, the home directory is one level higher so this can cause issues such as file not found. I hope this helps! Kindest Regards, Scott M