A different kind of Bulk import/export module

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In one of the threads, I read about an opencart bulk import/export module,
It says the memory usage could be quite high and it's not recommended for over 2000 products.
At first I didn't know what that means, now I understand.
Before I set up that module, I thought I could just upload all the new products.
But nope, turns out a backup must be exported first, then the new products should be added to the backup excel sheet, then import EVERYTHING back- old and new products!
The developer of the module said it is not recommended for over 2000 products.
Heck, if I have ONLY 2000 products, I wouldn't need to use that tool at all.
Nice try, but...
I was wondering if there's something easier. I have used another website to sell before., even ebay, sellers can just upload an excel sheet of ONLY the new items to be listed.
Is there a tool like that?


Alternatively, is there a module for admin that we can use, saving a product template for each category of product, for example. So If I were to list an item in a particular category, the template would contain all the prefilled information, and I can just fill in the item name, seo keywords, the meta crap, and upload an image, that's all.
Thank you so much, it's exactly what I want. I will see how this goes!
Hello, That particular bulk module can be memory intensive. There is a module I had recommended by a developer that does not use the entire list of products at once. Be aware this module costs money and I cannot vouch for its performance as I have not personally used it. However, the developer I spoke with recommends it to customers when they have memory issues with the bulk import/export. Smart Import/Export Module Kindest Regards, Scott M