I keep getting mod_security lockouts when working?

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Now I was working on my another domain and I triggered mod security again. There in no RSForms pro as extension. I really have no clue why is this happening. Also when I am in the Joomla admin panel once I open article and save it I cant open it directly anymore, I have to go to select article and click edit. That is the only way to open.

If you have any idea please let me know. I also protected all Joomla folders and have Admin Tools Pro installed.

Thank You

Original Question was https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/community-support/joomla-3/i-keep-getting-modsecurity-lockouts-when-working
Hello Adoarc,

Sorry about the problem with the mod security issue. Can you duplicate the problem today? I spoke with one of our senior systems people today. They had been aware of a Joomla issue and told me that they had made a rule change to take care of an issue associated with Joomla and mod security. However, I'm not sure if that change applies to the problem you're having. The last time that I see that you triggered it was from very early this morning. Can yo please double-check and see if the problem is still occurring?

Please let us know and we will proceed with troubleshooting the issue if the problem persists.

Arnel C.