Mod_security lockouts keep happening when using an extension

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I keep getting mod_security lockouts when working with an extension. The extension is called RS Form Pro, and my IP is triggerring the Mod Security rule "ip addresses blocked for 3600 seconds, more than 10 login attempts in 30 seconds." What option does I have for fixing this? I am not sure is the extension or something else. But it happens mostly when I am in the RSForm Pro Window.

Access denied using proxy to (phase 2) http://localhost/mod-security-error/rule-13061.html.

Any Help would be appreciated.

Thank You
Hello adoarc, Thank you for your question. In case the mod_sec rule is being triggered by a brute-force attack, I first recommend following our guide on how to Protect your Joomla 3 admin dashboard from Brute Force logins. Contacting the developer of the RS Form Pro extension may be a good option, since they could have a workaround/fix. Since it seems to be a paid extension they should provide some level of support. Here is their support page. If your problems persist, you may need to contact Live Support, so they can review the apache logs in real-time. They may have to temporarily disable a rule for testing, or help you find a different extension. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul