How to disable shipping and login "opencart"

  • Answered
Hello IMH team, i want to know that how to disable shipping requirement and create or login of user. i just want to checkout without any login and shipping address. i am selling downloadable products, which do not required login or shipping. Please help
Hello, Thank you for your question. In our guide on Creating a Downloadable Product in OpenCart, there is a message on top stating "Important! Remember to uncheck the "Requires Shipping" checkbox or your customers will be charged shipping fees by mistake." Once you do this, it will no longer require shipping information to purchase this product. I could not find any "built-in" way to remove the registration requirements in OpenCart, so you would have to custom code a solution for that. There are also many OpenCart plugins available that let you customize the registration, and you could possibly remove some of the requirements. Also, keep in mind that when customers register for your site, it allows you to gather information that may help you market/sell more products in the future. Alternately, if you just want to share a file online, you can upload it to your server, and simply provide a direct link. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul