Subcategories not showing up

  • Answered
I have 1 category that populates in the top menu when you hover over it, you are also able to select them. However, on the left category only the parent shows up (for just that one category), none of the subcategories populate. I have checked and rechecked all settings within those subcategories as well as parent and all the settings are like any other category I have. Please help.
Thank you
Hello Jason,

When testing on a fresh install of OpenCart, there is no issue with categories and subcategories displaying. Did you add any other extensions or plugins before you noticed the behavior? What version are you using? Was it a fresh installation or an upgrade? If it was an upgrade, what was the previous version? Did it work on the previous version? Have you done a rollback or installed the previous version in a separate test environment and confirmed it still works?

Kindest Regards,
Scott M