Magento products not acting right for bundle / bundling

  • Answered
Log in to magento.

Next click manage products and choose bundle, you will see a test product in there. Click into the test product and the bottom left of the page click bundle items. Now click add selection and it just disappears. Please see thread here :

What is the preferred solution for this?
Hello, I went ahead and followed your steps and do see that the expected product selection page you should get when adding a bundle product in Magento is not there. I did notice at the top of your Magento admin you had 2 messages:

One or more of the Cache Types are invalidated: Blocks HTML output. Click here to go to Cache Management and refresh cache types.

You have 1 major and 17 notice unread message(s). Go to messages inbox

That 1 major notice was from 9/27/2013 with the release of Magento, it looks like you're still using Magento I didn't see any possible solutions to this issue, other than people mentioning that the products you're trying to add to the bundle items must be either a Simple Product, or a Virtual Product and it can't have any custom options. Have you been able to add bundled items previously in Magento? You might want to think about possibly updating to the latest version and see if the problem still persists there. - Jacob