Building a website for my art group

  • Answered
We need to have one home page with text and photos that we can link to each artist.
Each artist webpage is part of the website and can also link to another website.
Each artist needs to be able to upload picture and text to their page.
The artist needs to control the order in which the picture and text appear on the page.
We would like to be able to add e-commerce in the future.
What web builder software would be best for that website?
Hello, Thank you for your question. Almost any Content Management System can handle this type of site. There are many to choose from such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Wordpress is the one that is best for those new to developing websites. It can grow as your needs grow and is the one we recommend the most. It has thousands of plugins that can cover almost any feature you can think of. The others, while quite powerful, are more or less for more experienced developers and usually require some coding skills Kindest Regards, Scott M