i cannot order in opencart

  • Answered
my e shop, www.pepperkart.com
when i ordered products, my add to cart button is not working pls help
my opencart version is
can i upgrade this to newer versions??
Hello pradeepnambyan, and thanks for your question. I went to your website and was able to place items in the shopping cart and check out without any issues. I did notice that on certain items, such as the Nokia Lumia 720 ( Cyan ) phone. When I try to add this product to my cart it states Color required!, but then the color drop-down doesn't provide any options but is still a required setting. Your version of OpenCart is back from 8/2012 so it wouldn't hurt to go ahead and upgrade as well to the latest version released 2 days ago on 4/10/2014. You can use the steps from the upgrade OpenCart 1.5.x to the latest version guide in order to complete the upgrade process. Please let us know if you had any further questions at all. - Jacob