coding to change size of script

  • Answered
want to change the size of my LinkedIn script and my name
Hello johng411, and thanks for your question. It looks like you can use the LinkedIn member profile visual attributes to resize your plugin. It looks like you'd want to use the data-width setting in your code like this:
<script type="IN/MemberProfile" data-id=" name" data-format="hover" data-text="client name" data-width="600"></script>
To change your name, you would simply edit the two places the template code has for placing your name. The name" would need to be the URL format of your name, so it might not be your full name. Then the next client name would be your full name that you want displayed in your link. If you wanted to change the size of the LinkedIn image itself, it looks like that would be a bit trickier. It appears that the image is controlled by the .li-connect-widget and .li-connect-mark CSS classes, but unfortunately it looks like they might not be able to be overwritten. Please let us know if you had any further questions at all. - Jacob