Host domains that are registered elsewhere

  • Answered
I just signed up with the R2000 plan. I have some domains that are registered elsewhere, but I want to host them here. I don't want to transfer the domain, just host it. I have DNS elsewhere, and can point the DNS to this site. How do I go about that?
Hello, and thank you for your question. If you would simply like to point your previously registered domain name at our hosting server, then you can update your domain's name servers to point to us. Our name server entries for our Reseller plans are:  - IP Address: -  IP Address:
You would just need to login to your current domain Registrar where you've registered your domain names, and update each domain's name server records to point to these name servers. Within 24 hours the domains should be resolving to our server, but the change is not instant and can take some hours of propagation. During that time you could access your site directly on our server using either the temporary URL, or by modifying your hosts file. Just in case anyone else happens to run across this question, to avoid any confusion, if you do not have a Reseller account with us, then you would simply use our normal public name servers which are:  -  IP Address: -  IP Address:
Please let us know if you had any other questions at all! - Jacob