Emails being flagged "suspicious"

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When other parties receive emails from a "" email address, McAfee is displaying the following notice. What is going on?
This link is suspicious. We tested it and found potential security risks. Be careful.
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Hello Boomergal, Apologies for the delay in my answer and sorry to hear about the problem with the emails. There are a few things to consider if you see this happening with emails that you send out (and I'm assuming that you're either sending the emails, or hosting the website that sending the emails):
  • Your account/domain name/email server has been blacklisted because it may have been identified as a source of spam.
  • Something in the email being sent caused the alert - this could be a bad link/attachment or other content
In this case, I went to the internet and ran a check on the domain and it's showing as being blacklisted. Please refer to this article: Email message is classified as SPAM. It gives you a run-down on the possible issues. If possible, try to get a bounceback message or an example email from someone who is receiving the warning. Typically, it will identify where the warning is coming from. With that information, you can either petition to have yourself removed from the list, or take action that they require in order to have yourself removed from the blacklist. I reviewed your account and it appears that you're on a shared server. I also created a [email protected] email account and then tried sending to several email accounts to see if I could replicate the problem. I could not replicate the issue. I also tested directly from the server to make sure that it was not being blacklisted and it is not. Please understand that this does not mean that there might still be an issue with the domain name and the email issues you're seeing. However, from our testing, it doesn't appear to be a specific email server issue. I also checked your email logs and and there's nothing in them that really stands out as a possible cause. I currently have escalated the issue to a tier2 tech on our live support team to see if there's anything we can do to stop the issue. I'll post again in a few minutes to see if there's anything we can resolve on our end. Regards, Arnel C.