Primary Domain Change Issue

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I'm attempting to change my primary domain to another domain that I registered through InMotion Hosting. However, when I enter in the new domain name on the "Primary Domain Change" page, it is invalid. I was told that I should wait 24 hours after registering the second domain before attempting a primary domain change. It's been over 24 hours. Also, I was told that I didn't need an "add-on" domain. That appears not to be true. My question is, with a starter plan, is it possible to switch my current primary domain to another domain registered via InMotion Hosting?
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I originally reserved several domains when I created my InMotion account.  I recently switched my primary domain to one of the ones I wasn't using in preparation to activate that website.  Now my old primary domain has disappeared and the website is gone, too.  How can I recover it?

Hello, and thanks for the question. You do have the ability to change the primary domain on your account. You do need to wait for the DNS records for any newly registered domain name to start showing up before you can add this domain as your new primary one. You can use our visual domain routing tool in order to see if there are any DNS records associated with your newly registered domain name yet. You should see some blue and red lines going to an IP address if they exist. It should be possible to switch your primary domain on a starter plan, as you'd still only be using one domain, and the original could be set as a parked domain pointing to the same location. If you're still having any issues, please contact live support so they can help get things sorted out for you. - Jacob