No search engine visibility - even with open bots file.

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With my old host, search engines could crawl and index my website. I continue to submit sitemaps and product listings to Google, The Find, Shopzilla, etc. on a regular basis as I did with my previous host. I get no traffic since moving my site to InMotion. My web analytics and webmaster tools are set up correctly, I've tested my bots file with google, removed obsolete links, and am doing everything I did with with the old host. I made sales and had traffic at old host, even without adwords campaigns. Does InMotion block search engines from crawling and indexing my site? I went from several sales a month over a 2-year period with my old host, to zero sales in the year I've been with InMotion. Has anyone else experienced this problem? How did you resolve it? I have a dedicated IP address and created redirects from old URL's to new. My old site used .net and my new one uses .jsp. I can make successful purchases at my website when logging in as other users from different systems. I don't know what else to try. I'm not getting the organic Google exposure that I had with previous hosts. My one-year contract with InMotion ends this month and I will not renew if I can't get traffic without deceptive practices like buying link-backs and by spending money on adwords. I never needed adwords to make sales in the past. My new InMotion website looks awesome compared to my old site. I don't want to switch back to a mom-and-pop host with outdated web design. I want the cutting edge website I've created with InMotion, but the sales and exposure I had with a small host. I'm even considering setting up my own UNIX box (I work as a corporate web and infrastructure sys admin) and hosting my site myself, but then it will be more work and money to get an SSL cert like I have with InMotion. I've invested so much time and effort over several years and was experiencing increased sales at my old hosts. I hate to give up now that I have a new HTML5 website. I just need my organic search results and traffic back. Any suggestion, ideas, questions or comments are welcome.
When taking a look at your site, it does indeed appear that you are listed within the search engines. Whether you are receiving traffic to your site greatly depends on your ranking for individual keywords and how Google sees your site when compard to others. Your hosting environment does not have an impact on this, but rather the content of the site itself. For example, if you are selling products such as computers, you would have a very large amount of competition and other companies such as Apple, Dell, etc. would outrank you for those related keywords, so you would not see any traffic. When attempting to generate traffic from search engines, I highly recommend contacting an SEO professional for the quickest results, although it can be quite pricey. Another option woudl be Google AdWords in which you can guarantee traffic to your site as well, though you would indeed have to pay for this.

If you want to rise up the rankings in search engines, I recommend simply creating lots of relevant content and tracking your impressions and clicks within Google Webmaster Tools. I would also like to note that buying links will almost certainly cause your rankings to decrease as well. The content of your website is always the best way to rank your site in search engines. I noticed that you don't have much for a description on any of your products so that would be the best starting point. Adding detailed descriptions of your products will almost certainly generate some traffic.