Email account set up but no incoming messages work

  • Answered
One one of my subdomains, I have set up an email account. I can log in to it using webmail, I can send messages from it using webmail, and I can receive a message that I send myself from the account through webmail. However, no outside messages of any kind, from any other email address or server, can get through. How do I fix that?
Hello, and thanks for your question. Have you just recently pointed your domain name to our name servers? What's probably happening right now, is anyone from the outside world that is trying to go to your website, or send you email, is instead going to what appears to be your previous web host. You should be able to configure your mail client to check mail there, or use their webmail applications to review messages. After DNS changes at a domain Registrar where you registered the domain name, it can take up to 24 hours for the changes to fully propagate. During that time, you'd want to continue checking email at your previous web host, until all users around the world have the updated DNS records pointing your domain name to our server. If you had any other questions at all, please let us know! - Jacob