How to organize several websites on my account?

  • Answered
Hi InMotion tech support,

Please tell me how to organize my websites on your hosting service. Let’s say that I made three websites on my account. They have their own subfolders. Which one that I should create like this for the directory? It’s because I need to avoid the mess in the future. I never thought about it before. But, I do not want the subdomains.

hello1.html (1st website)
hello1 has three folders: image folder, About Us folder, and gallery folder.

hello2.html (2nd website)
hello2 has four folders: image folder, map folder, gallery folder, and schedule folder

hello.3,html (3rd website)
hello3’s two folders: form and meeting folders.


hello1.html is inside the folder along with the subfolders

hello2.html is inside the folder along with the subfolders

hello3.html inside in the folder along with the subfolders

Thanks. Jeff
As they are different sites, I recommend placing them within their own directories. Of course, you may use whatever structure is most convenient to you, but I recommend placing each of these within their own folders for easier access in the future.