PHP in to HTML

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Good Afternoon
I am trying to follow a tutorial #205 Using PHP to create dynamic pages and I am having a problem with some of it. I have created a database and a table (slightly different than the example) same amount of fields though different labels. I have a web page that I created and I would like the comments to be on one of the six pages for this site not like the two in your example. I have followed the directions with slight changes but no changes to the code. My question is I have a "Comments" page built in HTML I have added the appropriate code to display the fields that I want and that coincide with the table in the database I just get lost when the tutorial uses two example pages and adds another file. Section 5 - I have used the code and adjusted it according to my database, I placed that code below the HTML form code and this is where I get stuck.
any help would be appreciated.
The biggest thing is to be sure that your pages have a .php extension instead of a .html extension. As you have stated that it was just HTML, most times the file extension will be .html instead of .php which would be required. Are you getting any errors at all?