How do I know when an email has failed?

  • Answered
we have this website that has this automatic notification directed to a specific email address (in our domain) whenever a user/visitor logged a transaction. in one or two instances, no email is received or delivered, but by manually checking the website logs, a couple of transaction are indeed logged. we have a shadow yahoo account that also receives the same notification and for those instances, they were all received by yahoo. does inmotionhosting track failed email deliveries? how do we check and track those once in while delivery failures?
from our own mail server, no log for any email rejection has been recorded for these. pls help. thanks.
Escalate hosting would be able to help you with things like this. I would honestly give them a try.
The best way to receive notifications of any email failures would be to set the reply to address to an active address so that any bounceback messages are set to the inbox of that account. If you have a VPS or dedicated server with root access, you would also be able to check the server mail logs, however, if on shared hosting or a VPS or dedicated server without root access, you would need to contact technical support for information on the mail logs.