Trouble with addon domains and mac

  • Answered
I always (have for at least 2 years) have trouble adding add-on domains. Whenever I create a new one, I get a spinning wheel in my browser, then it eventually times out. I try to go back and do it again, but it tells me that a dns entry already exists. Yet it is not listed in my list of addon domains. At that point, I can see it in the advanced dns entries, trying to delete it works, but doesn't solve the problem. (Adding again in addon domains tells me a dns entry already exists) At this point it just becomes a big mess. Any advice? Or help? If you can login, I currently have this problem with

I have tried this with both Chrome and Firefox browsers, and I encounter this problem almost every single time I add a new domain. I contact tech support, someone eventually fixes it, then I repeat 3 months later.
Hello Jones105, Thank you for your question, I understand this type of thing can be frustrating. We are happy to assist you, but will have to replicate the issue on your specific account, since we have not had anyone report similar issues. I recommend contacting Live Tech support, so you can provide account specific information, and they can review the logs in realtime. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul