Can email forwarding be set up using a dummy account name?

  • Answered
Does the email name have to be a functioning email acct or can it be a dummy or pass-through account name that simply forwards, but isn't holding email messages?
Hello Stan05, and thanks for your question. You can indeed setup an email forwarder without the email address actually existing as a physical email account. You can even go so far as to setup multiple email forwarders to the same account. So for instance if I had the physical email account [email protected] setup, I could create an email forwarder of [email protected], and [email protected] both going to that original physical email account. Then if someone emails any of those 3 accounts, they'd all end up in the [email protected] email account for me to read, and the forwarders wouldn't store the message just pass it along to the actual email account. I hope that answered your question, please let us know if you had any further questions at all! - Jacob