Protostar position 7 sometimes moves under content

  • Answered
In my test version of a Joomla 3.2 site (offline) I am using a hacked version of protostar template. I noticed that in some pages of a multi-page article the side modules in position 7 shift down and appear on the left underneath main content. In other pages of the same article position 7 is located correctly to the right of the main content. I have also tried using the standard non-hacked version of protostar and the same problem occurs.
It appears that this issue is directly related to the template itself which may require investigation of the individual modules that make up the Protostar template to identify which part of the code may be doing this on your site. One option may be to speak on the Joomla forums as many developers on there would have more knowledge of how the template is specifically built and could point you in the right directions.