Can not get to admin page on

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I just installed wordpress to domain and it gave me a successful load notice. I clicked the link to the admin page but chrome gives me the following "Oops! Google Chrome could not find
Try reloading: rabbittrap.­us".
Is there a waiting period after adding-on a domain, pointing it to the servers and installing WP?
Hello Grizzly34 Thank you for your question today. Generally speaking there is up to a 4-24 hours period of propagation for any DNS changes that are made on the server. This includes pointing to different name servers and adding a domain to your account. The addition of a domain to an account, if it is a brand new domain, can be much shorter. I have seen it take place within just a few minutes, but at times it takes the normal propagation time. So if things don't happen right away, particularly if you have name servers involved, do not fear, it is likely that the change is simply in propagation. Kindest Regards, Scott M