how do i use third party templates

  • Answered
i bought various templates from Activeden, such as a flash intro, media player and coming soon do `i use them with my domain hosting?
Hello, Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, it's a tough question answer in just this response. You're basically talking about creating a website. You can use the flash intro, media player and a coming soon page on any website, but telling you how to create it is difficult because there so many different ways to accomplish the task. You can code it from scratch, use a tool or an application that's made to work on the web - the choice is up to you. I will not be able to tell you how to do something like that in a single post. However, we do have some educational guides that you can use. I would start with Getting Started Guide: Building a website. You will need to decide how you will build the site that matches with your knowledge of the subject. If you have a little knowledge on this topic, then the good news is that there are MANY ways to accomplish your goal. You will need to learn about the different options and then decide the solution that works best for you. Regards, Arnel C.