Can I customize cPanel logs for my needs?

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I am trying to configure my cPanel to be viewed the full width of my screen so that when I go to the "Last Visit" or "visitor's log" it will expand so I can view the whole ip address also I would like to remove my ip address from this list. I go to my website all the time and don't need to see me intermingled with visitors. Can I request that a geochecker also let me know where that ip address is located so I can be aware of possible threats as well as possible customers all in the same screen without having to use multiple things?

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Hello [email protected], Thanks for the question. The options that you are talking belong to the company that actually codes and creates cPanel. This is unfortunately not something we can change as the display size is hard coded. You are welcome to contact cPanel. to request those kind of changes. Bear in mind that you can only apply custom changes for cPanel with a VPS or dedicated server account. I hope this helps to clarify the question. Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments. Regards, Arnel C.